With 30 plus years of experience working with contractors in the market place, Managing Director Anne McGregor and the Contractor Compliance team have developed a range of products and services in response to business and contractor requirements, catering for contractors across Australia.

Contractor Compliance Australia Pty Ltd (CCA) operates Nationally across all industry sectors. It offers prime contractors risk-mitigation assurance services to ensure that their sub-contractors are legally and regulatory compliant. We assist all tier contractors to establish and maintain compliance with prime contractor compliance requirements where they have been identified to be complaint deficient.

Contractor Compliance Australia (CCA) is a nationally recognised company providing private certification for the Civil, Mining and Construction – commercial and residential sectors.

Contractor Compliance (CCA) is a recognised qualified Industrial Relations auditor for ACT Government Services – Shared Services Procurement since 2012, assisting companies and their contractors across Australia with obtaining Secure Local Jobs Code compliance certificates, enabling them to work on ACT Government construction sites.