Contractor Compliance Australia(CCA) offers prime contractors risk-mitigation assurance services to ensure that their business and their sub-contractors are legally compliant for work. Contractor Compliance Australia also assists contractors and their sub-contractors to establish and maintain prime contractor compliance requirements.

All industries operate within a legal and regulatory safety and employment framework underpinned by various insurance and compliance regimes aimed at avoiding workplace incidents or minimising or transferring risk in the event of an incident.

However, competitive pricing, poor business practices, laziness or ignorance many sub-contractors deliberately or inadvertently remain legally and regulatory non-compliant and thus in many cases transfer the risk to the prime-contractor.

Contractor Compliance offer the following services:

  • Auditing -Industrial Relations Compliance audits: Annually, Bi-annual or quarterly
  • Business Compliance Assistance
  • ABCC Building Code 2016 assistance
  • ABCC compliance letters – Registration
  • ACT Government Secure Local Jobs Code compliance Certificate auditor
  • Site requirements
  • Wage Auditing: Clarifying underpayments of employee renumeration
  • Contractor compliance Gap Analysis
  • Monitoring & Review
  • Summary ReportingConsulting – Systems writing and development. Coaching
  • Source Industry information- Building Code compliance, licences, WHS Courses, trade related courses etc.