1. Managing Your Risk Assessment Audits, Assessments

2. Contractor Online Audit application form Portal

3. ACT Government Shared Services Procurement Registration -Secure Local Jobs Code certification

4. Principal Contractors/Project Managers: Online Portal – access to contractor CCA reports

5. ABCC compliance letter; Commonwealth funded projects (formally DEEWR letter)

6. WAGE Audits: Ensuring all entitlements and Superannuation are paid

1. Manage your RISK

Contractor Compliance Australia Audits contractors and their sub-contractors to ensure that builders, developers and project managers have peace of mind that the contractors they engage do not pose an

  • Insurance Risk
  • Employment Risk
  • Contract Risk
  • Reputation Risk
  • Transference Risk

Contractor Management, Insurance Tracking and Contractor Registration Requirements

Would you use a contractor who has problems with their contractor registration, insurance, licence or ABN?

Our Contractor Audit ensures that all required contractor registrations, licenses and insurances are current and verified.

  • Verify that the business operates within local, state and federal laws, procedures, and regulations.
  • Make recommendations to clients of noncompliant businesses and schedule future audits to monitor progress and adherence.
  • Review records to verify that all duties have been completed in accordance with regulations.

Insurance Issues could be as simple as:

  • Insurance has expired
  • No public liability insurance
  • Incorrect type of insurance
  • Inadequate value of insurance
  • Insurance Tracking

Licencing Issues could be:

  • Unlicenced or licence has expired
  • Wrong category of licence
  • Licence was cancelled after issue

ABN Issues are common:

  • Cannot provide an ABN
  • Uses an ABN that is not linked to the trading name on invoice thus affecting licences and insurances
  • ABN is fictitious

What we report on:

  • Check & Verification of Company Structure including ABN
  • Registration for GST, PAYG, TFN (proof of compliance)
  • Trade Licences
  • Long Service Levy registrations & payment
  • Agreements: Employment / Sub-contractor
  • Superannuation payments
  • Assess Compliance of all sub-contractors
  • WHS Policy & Procedures
  • Workplace Rehabilitation Policy & Procedures
  • Training Register

When your organisation is being assessed you will be reassured that:

  1. We are authorised to request your confidential financial and employee information
  2. We review the information provided objectively and fairly
  3. All information is strictly confidential, we have systems in place to ensure that your data is appropriately treated
  4. CCA team is available to assist and discuss any issue that may arise

So why take the risk?

Leave it to the specialists at Contractor Compliance Australia, and lets keep your projects on track

2. Online audit application Portal

CCA has launched a National online portal where contractors can apply and lodge their CCA compliance questionnaire online. Link:

3. Shared Services Procurement Registration- ACT Government Secure Local Jobs Code Certificate

Contractor Compliance Australia Pty Ltd has 3 Senior Auditors listed on the ACT Procurement panel as Secure Local Jobs Code auditors.

  1. Anne McGregor
  2. Glen Neighbour
  3. Cheyne Neighbour

Secure Local Jobs Code

The Code started on 15 January 2019. It sets out workplace standards for our service providers, including:

  • pay and employment conditions
  • insurance, tax and superannuation
  • health and safety, including training and inductions
  • collective bargaining, freedom of association and representation rights.

Secure Local Jobs Code Certificate

A Secure Local Jobs Code Certificate confirms a business meets the standards in the Code. Businesses need a Code Certificate before they tender and for the duration of the project. Businesses will need to engage anapproved auditor to assess whether they meet Secure Local Jobs requirements and can apply for a Code Certificate.

4. Principal contractors/Project managers – Online Portal to access contractor CCA reports and level of compliance.

Principal Contractors/projects managers have 24/7 access to the CCA reports for all contractors on their projects or our State and Territory database of current compliant contractors.

5. ABCC Compliance Letter -Mandatory for all Commonwealth Funded Projects as of 2nd December 2016

CCA team can assist you in your application for the ABCC compliance letter (formally the DEEWR letter)

The ABCC issues letter of compliance for:

  • Enterprise agreements made on or after 2 December 2016 that meet the Building Code 2016 requirements (an ABCC determination)
  • Enterprise agreements made before 2 December 2016 (this letter of compliance is only valid until 28th November 2108)
  • Modern Award arrangements or other lawful workplace agreements

6. WAGES Audits

CCA have a specialised team that conduct intensive Wage Audits: ensuring all employees have been paid their correct entitlements as required by Fair Work ACT 2009.

The Wage Audit solution from CCA delivers a platform that helps employers reduce the burden of response and meet the wage audit obligations of the Client/Union requesting the audit. With reporting functionality for improved oversight, both the fully-automated service and our prompted, online workflow, help deliver process improvement and resource efficiency to employers looking for relief from tedious wage audit tasks. The solution helps employers:

  • Deliver a specific wage audit response to each wage audit in the requested format
  • Maintaining response requirements from each state/territory
  • Offering an efficient resources for matching claimant data to the audit request

For further information please contact our office on 1300 795 055.