Project Contractor Management

Contractor Compliance offers small, medium and large businesses outsourced Project contractor compliance management services.

Project Contractor Onsite Management Services:

  • Initial Industrial Relations and WHS Compliance Audits to determine the contractors and their sub-contractors level of compliance – pre-tender.
  • Project management – regular reporting on all contractors and their sub contractors level of compliance for the lifecycle of the project on either a monthly, quarterly or a six monthly basis (time frame to be determined by client).
  • Onsite Assistance: pre-project compliance seminars, tool box talks etc.
  • Special Purpose Audit – verification of wages, subcontractors payments etc..
  • Assistance with Fair work Australia, Work cover and industry association enquiries.

Compliant Contractor/Supplier Data Base: 24/7 access for Principal contractors/Project Managers:

  • Facilities Management contractor compliant database.
  • Client – National/State/Project data listing reports of all onsite contractors and their subcontractors.
  • Regular Reporting timeframes to be determined by individual client.

For further information call our office on: 1300 795 055