Contractor Compliance Australia Pty Ltd offers prime contractors risk-mitigation assurance that their sub-contractors are legally and regulatory compliant to work for them. We assist sub-contractors to establish and maintain prime contractor compliance.

Contractor Compliance Australia operates across all industry sectors and has extensive experience in assisting companies achieve compliance. Our unique ability to provide qualified consultants has resulted in a successful track record in both attaining and maintaining compliance

We assist your company in having all your contractors compliant. What does this mean for your company and contractors?

For your Company?

  • Federal Government Projects – Are you compliant with the new Building Code 2016?
  • Having only compliant contractors on your jobs – Are they code compliant?
  • More credibility in the tender process , especially for Government work
  • Less headaches for follow up documentation, ease knowing that your contractors all comply, with relevant documentary evidence
  • Outsourcing to the experts in legislation and latest compliance.
  • All non compliances reported quickly for your protection

For Contractors or Sub Contractors?

Being Compliant means:

  • Better Tender Acceptance Opportunities
  • Less chance of tax audits
  • You have the necessary business protection
  • Better Budgeting and Finance Control
  • Having the right insurances, etc. in place to protect you and your assets

Contractor Compliance Australia Pty Ltd was a Canberra Business Point Small Business Award Winner 2011 Category – High Growth